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This week we're playing a trio of coin-op classics updated for the go-go 90s: the N64 version of what may be the greatest arcade game ever made, ROBOTRON 64; the surprisingly fun puzzle-platformer LODE RUNNER 3D; and PAPERBOY, one of the most bizarrely ugly games on this or any system.


Tanx for downloading! This week, we're tankful to be talking about BATTLETANX and BATTLETANX: GLOBAL ASSAULT, two fast and furious tank fighting games with an unexpectedly bizarre plot. Bennett Williamson joins us to discuss the history of the failed 3DO console, reminisce about scorched teddy bears, and enter a needlessly misogynistic post-apocalyptic future where women are used as currency.

We fully enter the storied Attitude Era of wrestling this week, the bloody, over-the-top heyday of the sport, as we play through WCW Nitro, WWF Attitude, and WCW Mayhem. Blake Goetsch returns to help tamp down Woody's rage at having to play wrestling games, Steve's ongoing attempts to get into wrestling, plus the rise of our horrifying create-a-wrestler.

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This is it! Steve finally gets to be done talking about football! And we couldn't have asked for a better series to close out on; these days, MADDEN is the biggest and only-est game in town, so take a trip back to when Madden was only pretender to the crown with these five titles. Sports Correspondent Josiah Coolidge is back to give us some modern context about the series, explore the bizarre, NFL-less first entry, and of course go into the sordid history of the Madden Curse.


It's a big week for us! It's our 100th episode, and we're celebrating by playing MARIO KART 64 with some of our favorite people! Mikayla Nicholson, Lynsey Pennington, and Nicole Vettese are on hand to play one of the N64's signature titles, the game that defined party games for an entire generation, MARIO KART 64! It's one of our most requested games, and we had a blast digging out secrets, discussing favorite tracks, and trying to nail the timing on that boost trick. 

Thanks to everyone for listening and supporting us through this goofy little project! 

Chameleon Twist.jpg

We're in grappling-hook heaven this week as we play the tongue-lashing platformer CHAMELEON TWIST and it's sequel, CHAMELEON TWIST 2! This week, Steve gets some of his long-held biases challenged, we reminisce about adorable pet lizards, and we puzzle over why the chameleons look so little like chameleons. 

Also: next week is our 100th EPISODE! And to celebrate, we're playing one of the most-beloved games on the entire platform, MARIO KART 64! So tell your friends to check it out!


Everybody do the worm! This week, we're taking on Team 17's classic turn-based strategy game WORMS ARMAGEDDON, and we're joined by none other than Doug McCambridge of the excellent Good Time Great Movies podcast (@GTGMcast)! We look back into the history of invertebrate warfare, unearth the trove of weird and wacky weapons at our disposal, and discuss the game's status as a collector's item!


It's Turok 2 Furious this week, as we revisit the classic series just in time for it's fancy new Switch remaster! Brendan Francis and first-time guest Natasha McPhaden join us this week as we cerebrally bore into the high-expectation sequel, find updates into the world of Turok, and go on a manic monkey hunt!

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Who says you need limbs to have a good time? This week, we're playing RAYMAN 2: THE GREAT ESCAPE, Michel Ancel's critically-acclaimed 3D platformer, and we're asking the big questions, like: What exactly is a Rayman? Will BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL 2 ever come out? And just what is it with French developers and major downer endings?

Wayne Gretzky.jpg

This week we're lacing up our skates and taking on The Great One as we play two games starring Wayne Gretzky... and a third that's suspiciously similar. Hockey fan Jeff Nelson joins us to talk about all the fast-paced, arcade-y action of the N64's first-ever 4-player game- and then discuss why the developers seemed to make the exact same game three times. 

ALSO! Out new podcast JEST FRIENDS is now available on iTunes! In this limited series, Steve, Woody, and Mikayla Nicholson are attempting to read through David Foster Wallace's daunting masterwork INFINITE JEST, 50 or so pages at a time. Read along with us and join in on the discussion!


We're taking to the skies this week, so it's a good thing we have a Crow! Neal Crow returns to help us talk about two high-flying games that take two very different approaches to airplane games: the laid-back tech demo PILOTWINGS 64 and the dogfight-heavy oddity AERO FIGHTERS ASSAULT. Join us as we dig into the history of flight simulators search for hidden secrets in the Pilotwings map, and meet a talking dolphin wearing a hat!


Tango down! This week, we're refusing to let the terrorists win by playing TOM CLANCY'S RAINBOW SIX, the oft-forgotten N64 port of the classic tactical shooter. The game has some ambitious ideas, but can the N64 hardware keep up? Plus, we look into the hugely successful "Tom Clancy's" brand and search for other literary gaming adaptations.

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In honor of our badass women's national soccer team and their international victory, we're going for the gold with two more soccer games: the slick EA Sports joint WORLD CUP 98, and MIA HAMM SOCCER 64, the first (and maybe only!) female-exclusive sports video game. We're joined by the lovely Emma Delaney to talk ladies, soccer, and ladies soccer in a rowdy and lively conversation.


The fur flies this week as we play an unusual but strangely perfect pairing of games: TOM AND JERRY FISTS OF FURRY and POWERPUFF GIRLS: CHEMICAL X-TRACTION are two arena fighting games a la POWER STONE, made by the same developer, but with wildly different results! The violence may be animated, but believe me, there will be blood: @SKELETON_BLOOD_! That's the Twitter handle for Blair Gorman, artist, musician, and all around cool person, who joins us to geek out about cartoons, concoct some new catchphrases, and bear witness to what might be our most contentious rankings ever!


Right about now it's time to talk about biggity-Buck Bumble! This week we're joined by Jeremy Hatfield to discuss the never-was mascot turned internet sensation Buck Bumble! Buck's one and only game ever produced some frustrating gameplay but that theme song sure is a banger.


We put our cards on the table this week with GOLDEN NUGGET 64, the N64's one and only casino game! Card shark (or is it card sharp?) Nicole Vettese joins us as we play through 10 Vegas staples, from poker to craps, and see if there's any fun to be had from digital betting. Plus: obscure gaming laws! Inappropriate hand gestures! Murderous roulette wheels! And more gambling puns than you can shake a pair of dice at! 


Start yer engines, motorheads, because this week we're taking on the world of stock car racing! We played the Gran Turismo clone GT 64, and two NASCAR games; that's right, another block of generic racing games! Thank goodness we have some great discussion questions and letters from our lovely listeners to help us pass the time! 

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Everybody needs somebody to love, but does anyone love BLUES BROTHERS 2000? This week, we played the baffling adaptation of the flop 1998 movie, and as a bonus, we watched the flop 1998 movie with resident film expert Mikayla Nicholson! Join us as we explore the history of the Blues Brothers, meet infamous developers Titus, and try to think of a property LESS worthy of a video game than this movie. 

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Hey! Listen! We've got one of the biggest and best games of all time this week! We're joined by amateur Zelda historian Caleb Sanders to dig into the rich history, the confusing timelines, and the troubled production that lead to Ocarina of Time. It's a super-sized episode for a super-sized game.

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We're delving deep into the dungeons of Castle Shadowgate for SHADOWGATE 64: TRIALS OF THE FOUR TOWERS, a puzzle/adventure/RPG hybrid that puts the "meh" in medieval! We look into the history of one of the most niche genres in gaming, the MacVenture, and explore a rich fantasy mythology that has had surprising staying power. 
And don't miss next week, when we cover one of the biggest games of all time, LEGEND OF ZELDA: OCARINA OF TIME! We'll be giving away a beautiful copy of the soundtrack on vinyl, so don't forget to tune in for your chance to win!

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Boomshakalaka! This week, we're revisiting our long-lost episode, and we're doing it in style. We played the arcade-sports classic NBA HANGTIME and its sequel, the awkwardly-named NBA SHOWTIME: NBA ON NBC, but we're not in it alone: we're joined by gaming journalist/author/Palette-Swap Ninja lead singer/all-around good dude Dan Amrich, who tells the story of just how he came to be a hidden character in HANGTIME! 


Open up a box of Cheesy Poofs and get ready to respect our authori-tah, because this week we're talking about SOUTH PARK, the first-person shooter that was the must-have game for edgelords in 1998! Emily Aguila, friend of the show and host of WORLD OF TOMORROW and GOING CAST, joins us to work out our complicated feelings for the show, and our less-complicated feelings about the game. 


Gather up your worms and head on down to the ol' fishin' hole, because this week we're going fishing! We played BASS HUNTER 64 and BASSMASTERS 2000, the two sport fishing games for the N64, and we had a hell of time doing it! Join us to discuss our personal fishing histories, argue over the best and worst fishing games, and generally gripe about how hard it is to catch bass! 


Spin that wheel and phrase all your answers in the form of a question, because we're playing the game versions of game show staples WHEEL OF FORTUNE and JEOPARDY! Tyler Detrick and Melanie Strickland, hosts of the Bard Alcohol Content podcast, and fan favorite Dan Reese are back to talk Trebek, game show history, and weird FMV game show hosts! Plus, the antics of Fungus and Jeff! 


Get your kit on, ya hooligans, because this week we're talking about soccer for the first time! Jeremy Hatfield returns to help us kick our way through the three games in Konami's INTERNATIONAL SUPERSTAR SOCCER series on the N64! Plus, we discuss the worldwide popularity of the sport, why it's been slow to catch on in the states, and just who is the best country in the world: Mexico or Portugal? 


Once again we find ourselves playing a weird game we've never heard of, and once again our amazing listeners stepped up with their own creative, funny plot summaries for SPACE STATION SILICON VALLEY! Join us as we talk about this weird and charming little platformer, discuss how it contains the DNA for GRAND THEFT AUTO, and struggle to keep Steve awake after two days without sleep! 


The original kombatants return for another round of minigame-fueled mayhem as we make our long-belated return to MARIO PARTY! Rosie Crow, Dan Reese, and Nicole Vettese are back and raring to take the crown back from last time's party champion, Woody. Plus, cowboy hats! 


How many video games can claim to be the national pastime for an entire country? STARCRAFT sure can; Blizzard's monumental hit redefined a genre and invented competitive e-sports, but is the N64 port any good? Our old friend Scott Burger stops by to help us find out! Join us as we flashback to our fondest (and most painful) STARCRAFT memories, discuss the seismic impact the game has had on the culture, and of course construct more pylons. 


Our old friends Rosie and Mikayla join us once again to talk about the laconic thrills of HARVEST MOON 64, the gentle, unassuming farming RPG that gets real addictive real fast. We talk about the history of sim games, talk some tricky gender politics around games, try not to turn into a STARDEW VALLEY podcast, and only barely make any hoe jokes.


It's our 75th episode, and to celebrate we've turned our game selection over to our lovely listeners! And you picked STAR WARS: SHADOWS OF THE EMPIRE, which is great, because it gives us an excuse to get into the rich and weird world of the STAR WARS Expanded Universe! Join us as we take Dash Rendar on his tangentially-related adventures between EMPIRE and JEDI, and find out if this early N64 favorite holds up or should be sent down the garbage chute. 


Hail to the king (of misogynistic, retrograde toxic masculinity), baby! This week, we're revisiting the uniquely 90's DUKE NUKEM 64 and its spin-off, DUKE NUKEM: ZERO HOUR. Friend of the show Lynsey Pennington is back to help us dig through the sordid history of Duke's inception, wrestling with just how the hell to control these games, and introduce Steve to this mysterious concept called... porn? 

Also, thanks to everyone who voted in our listener contest! You have spoken and we have listened: for our 75th episode, we will be playing STAR WARS: SHADOWS OF THE EMPIRE!

Wrestling 1.jpg

We're finally jumping into the squared circle to challenge our first batch of wrestling games, and man, is there a lot to dig into! Luckily, we've got wrestling fan Blake Goetsch to help us dig through the wild history, fascinating characters, and our own complicated feelings about professional wrestling. We tackle the first three wrestling games for the system, WCW/nWo WORLD TOUR, WWF WAR ZONE, and WCW/nWo REVENGE, and try desperately to keep our facts straight. 

Also, our poll to pick the game for our 75th episode is still up and running for another week! Don't forget to head over to to cast your vote by March 16th to determine what we play! 


This week, we’re joined by Dr. Mario enthusiast Kathy Peacock Duncan, and actual doctor Nicole Vettese to discuss DR. MARIO 64, one of Nintendo’s premiere puzzle games. Join us as we look back at the history of the franchise, discuss how DM64 is actually a secret Wario game, and help us settle the debate once and for all: are Mario and Dr. Mario the same person?

Also, we’re coming up on our 75th episode, and as has become a tradition, we want you to help us choose what we play! Head over to and cast your vote to help move a game up the list!


Swing into action with DISNEY'S TARZAN, the action platformer based on the weirdly forgotten 1999 movie of the same name! We're joined once again by Disney correspondent Mikayla Nicholson as we discuss the history of Edgar Rice Burroughs' timeless character, watch and review the film in question, and play the game itself, in all of it's chiptuned-Phil-Collins glory! Does TARZAN deserve to be amongst the ranks of other Disney platformers like ALADDIN and THE LION KING, or does it go the way of HOME ON THE RANGE? 


It's time to tackle another N64 football franchise, one that hopefully won't make Steve have an aneurysm: we're playing all four NFL BLITZ games, and we're savoring the ultra-violent, arcade-style goofiness. We're joined once again by Josiah Coolidge to talk turbo boosters, late hits, and the NFL's sketchy history of dealing with violence. Plus, Steve gets more facts wrong about football! 

Bomber Blast.jpg

The prodigal Bomberman returns this week for one of his weirder entries: BOMBERMAN HERO, a single-player platformer with absolutely no multiplayer whatsoever. Does the lack of the core feature of the Bomberman series hurt the experience, or should you blast through anyway? Speaking of blast, we also played the oddball puzzle-platformer CHARLIE BLAST'S TERRITORY, a port of a game that hadn't yet been released with a totally different character and different title. Things get weird. 


We're jumping back into the ring for another round of fighting games; this time, we're playing the bizarre fighter/RPG hybrid FLYING DRAGON and Rare's once and future MORTAL KOMBAT killer, KILLER INSTINCT GOLD! We're joined by fighting game superfan Dion Fountain as we attempt to make (and break) combos, parse through obtuse character backstories, and explore our knowledge of perverted arcade games. 


Truck yeah! It's time for another round of generic racing games. This time, we're getting down and dirty with a trio of redneck racing staples, OFF-ROAD CHALLENGE, MONSTER TRUCK MADNESS 64, and DESTRUCTION DERBY 64. And guess what? One of these is our new worst game. Which one? Listen and find out. 
Also listen to hear us answer discussion questions from you, our listeners! And if you want us to answer one of your questions on a future racing episode, send your question to our email or Twitter accounts. 


You're not dreaming: there's a brand new Nintendo 64 game on the market, and this week, we're playing it! 40 WINKS, the long-gestating port of a 1999 Playstation game, has finally arrived on the N64 after a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign. We decide if this 3-D platformer was worth the wait! 


This is it! The big one! We've reached our 64th episode, so it felt only right to celebrate with the game that truly defines what it means to be 64. We travel into the Mushroom Kingdom, exploring the rich history of the MARIO franchise and dispelling some of the myths that have surrounded the series since the beginning. Oh dear lord, this game is just so good...

BOMBERMAN fanatic Aaron George and local retro gaming expert Jeremy Hatfield join us for the explosive action of BOMBERMAN 64 and it's sequel, THE SECOND ATTACK! We delve into the history of one of gaming's most enduring franchises, try to parse the confusing origin story of the man who poops bombs, and do whatever we can to shut the dog up. 


We've got another surprise bonus episode for you guys! Since we just played our 100th game for the show, we thought it might be fun to go back and acknowledge some of the best and worst of the show so far. We debate over which games had the best graphics, music, and multiplayer, as well as the bad games we secretly love, the weirdest games in the library so far, and many more categories! 


Another day, another game with baffling cover art we need our audience to interpret. This week, we played FORSAKEN 64, and since we had no idea what it was about, we asked our beloved audience to send in their imagined plot descriptions, and man did they deliver, with some of the smartest and funniest plots we've heard yet. We're joined by the hilarious Tyler Detrick, who helps us parse out just what FORSAKEN is about. 


Tis the season for blasting Cacodemons and wielding double chainsaws! This week, we played DOOM 64, the N64 exclusive port of one of the most influential and successful games of all time. We delve into the fascinating history of id Software, explore the controversy that surrounded the title at every turn, and desperately try to see what the hell is going on. Happy holidays, everyone!


Prepare to crack your virtual bullwhips and don’t forget your fedora, because this week we’re swinging into action with everyone’s favorite archeologist/ adventurer with INDIANA JONES AND THE INFERNAL MACHINE. Indy’s first foray into 3-D was bafflingly a Blockbuster exclusive on home consoles; did the poor distribution give Indy’s game a raw deal, or does it deserve to be lost in a warehouse? Find out now!


Nicole Vettese joins us once again to take a trip back into the golden age of arcade games with the compilation game NAMCO MUSEUM 64! This greatest-hits cart has PAC-MAN, MS. PAC-MAN, GALAGA, GALAXIANS, DIG-DUG, and POLE POSITION, so you'd best believe we're gonna nerd out about it. 


This week, we're joined by Danielle Rupinski (owner of the Rook and Rogue board game pub) and Katie Bray (all around awesome person) to discuss the N64 adaptation of MONOPOLY, the world's most famous board game. Join us as we dig into the sordid history of the game, it's evolution from a socialist teaching tool to a capitalist fever dream, and it's reputation as a destroyer of families. 


We're trying something a little different this week! Since baseball is inherently kind of boring to talk about, and since we've already covered it once before, this week Steve and Woody provide running commentary as Josiah Coolidge and Dan Reese play ALL-STAR BASEBALL live in the studio! Expect thrilling action, rambling non-sequitors, inappropriate references to 9/11, and lots of cheesy announcer voices! 


And the theme song is stuck in your head.... now. This week, we played the candy-coated platform YOSHI'S STORY, a game that, for all it's saccharine cuteness, is pretty divisive among gamers. We're joined by our old friend Lynsey, and by Kyle Duncan Graham, host of the Infinite Grenade Launcher podcast. Special thanks to Kevin Kim for the recording on Kyle's end.


This week we're going to fly like eagles into the future, as we examine a trio of high-speed futuristic racers. We're joined by everyone's favorite Irishman, Ollie Brady of the Best Acquaintances podcast, to determine which light speed racer actually has a future. 

Just in time to be late for Halloween, we played Capcom's OG spook-em-up, Resident Evil 2! Horror superfan Lynsey Pennington joins us once more to talk about the legendary horror series and it's surprisingly accomplished N64 port. 


Surprise! We have an extra episode for y'all this week! Since Ultra 64 is now celebrating it's 1-year anniversary, we thought we'd break format a bit and talk about a few games that were meant to come out for the Nintendo 64 but never did. This week, we played a couple games that eventually found their way onto the Gamecube, and talk about some of the rumored games that sadly never came to be. 


This week we played the RPG-iest RPG on the system, Atlas' OGRE BATTLE 64! Obviously we needed some backup to tackle this hugely complex tactical RPG, so we brought in an expert: John Brandon, co-host of the exceptional SQUARE ROOTS podcast! John joins us to talk about the history of tactical RPGs, the appeal of playing a game that requires at least one degree to learn, and of course, the music of Queen. 


Know what's groovy? Earthworm Jim! The 16-bit icon had a brief but memorable impact on the gaming world, and this week we're evaluating his one and only foray into the world of 3D! Know what's less groovy? Problematic creators! But we'll get into that, plus all the pig-wrasslin', cow-launchin', worm-whippin' action you can stomach.


Holy *%^$ing hell, this week's episode is a &%^*ing doozy. We played Rare's infamously filthy platformer CONKER'S BAD FUR DAY, with our old friend Zack Strong. The game is notorious in gaming circles for it's profanity and crass content, but is it actually any good? Find out now! 

Also, enter now for a chance to win a copy of the CONKER soundtrack on two beautiful vinyl LPs! There are four ways to enter: retweet our pinned post on Twitter with the hashtage #ultra64, join our Facebook page, write us a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts, or submit potential T-shirt artwork to our email address! Enter before 10/27/18! 

NBA In The Zone.jpg

We're taking it to the hole this week, as Josiah Coolidge helps us tackle our first round of basketball games, Konami's IN THE ZONE series. Join us for some of the wildest and weirdest hoops action on the system, and enjoy our slap-happy antics as we talk b-ball history, Real Housewives, and of course Space Jam. 

Also, thanks to everyone who voted in our listener contest! You spoke and we listened: our 50th episode will be about CONKER'S BAD FUR DAY! Tune in next week for that! 


This week, we're going to infinity and/or even further, as the delightful Mikayla Nicholson joins us to talk about the adaptation of Pixar's TOY STORY 2. We dig into the history of the venerable animation studios, the waning reliability of Disney-licensed games, and the illogical physics of the TS world. 

Don't forget, out 50th Episode Listener Poll is still up until October 7th! As of this posting, it's still anyone's game. Cast your vote at!



It's a particularly rowdy episode this week as we're joined by the lovely Emma Delaney to discuss the virtual pet game HEY YOU! PIKACHU! We go into the history of voice-controlled games, explore the digital pet craze of the late 90s, and dig into the secret brainwashing conspiracy inside fake babies. Plus, wine! A lot of wine! 

Also, this week we are announcing our latest LISTENER'S CHOICE CONTEST! We're letting our listeners pick from one of 10 frequently-requested games for us to play on our upcoming 50th episode! Go to before October 7th to cast your vote!


This week, we put our bodies to the test as we play INTERNATIONAL TRACK AND FIELD 2000. Actual track and field athlete Nicole Vettese joins us to discuss the history of the controller-punishing sub-genre of running games, delve deeper into the world of Blockbuster exclusives, and put our actual bodies on the line as we attempt to break Usain Bolt's world land speed record. Ready, set, go!


For this gorilla-sized episode, we're examining one of the biggest games to grace the N64: Rare's DONKEY KONG 64. Luckily, we have help: the Attempted Murder (siblings Neal and Rosie Crow) return to help us sort through this epic story with five apes, eight massive worlds, and literally hundreds of collectibles. Is this Rare's finest moment or the game where the storied studio finally jumps the shark? 


Holy unsucsessful game adaptation, Batman! We're spending some quality time with the Caped Crusader this week, and we're joined by actor/comedian Jarrett Galante to tackle the Bat's extensive history, his underrated future, and his notorious N64 game, "BATMAN BEYOND: RETURN OF THE JOKER!" 

Bust a Move-01.jpg

It's time for a bubble-busting puzzle gaming action as the U64 gang (along with Puzzle Game Consultant Nicole Vettese and Steve's dear friend/sworn enemy Kim Turpin) tackle Taito's adorably addictive BUST-A-MOVE series. Join us for an in-depth exploration of dragon genders, terrible cover art, and late-80s hip-hop as we bank shots and break hearts. 

NHL Breakaway.jpg

Strap on your knife shoes and barrel at the opponent with no regard for your safety: we're playing some hockey! Marvel in the story of the sports game Steve actually owned! Thrill at the exploration of international theme songs! Vibrate in anticipation for the return of Sports Desk Correspondant Nicole Vettese! 


The arcade racing favorite finds an early home on the N64, and we're here to cover the whole series! Special guest Robert Brower joins us to talk about the legacy of Midway's arcade staple and it's relevance in the racing game pantheon! Plus more ridiculously insulting French stereotypes and DELAWARE!


This week, we're tackling the two most baby-oriented games to ever exisit, ELMO'S LETTER ADVENTURE and NUMBER JOURNEY. We delve into the history of Sesame's Street's divise red monster, and struggle with our all-too-human urge to dunk on games made for children too young to safely operate a Nintendo 64. 

It's a 3-D triple feature, in that we have three fighting games that all start with D, and have literally no other characteristics! Join us as we struggle to find a stand-out character, give SPACE JAM a much-needed dressing-down, and crown a new worst game!


The legendary Blue Bomber makes his one and only appearance on the N64, and we couldn't be happier, because it gives us a chance to gush about one of our favorite classic game characters. Engage in exuberant robot monkey dancing with us as we delve into the history of the robot formerly known as Rockman, and find out if the character can survive the transition to 3-D. 


It's a big week at Ultra 64! Not only did we get a new theme song, courtesy of the amazing band The Octopus Project, but we found a way to outsource a lot of our work for this episode onto YOU, our brilliant audience! This week, we played STARSHOT: SPACE CIRCUS FEVER, and we had no idea what this game was about, so we reached out to our listeners to submit their own ideas, and you guys delivered in a big way! Tune in to hear all the amazing responses, and then brace yourself for the weirdness of what this French import is ACTUALLY about. 


Do you feel that rumbling? It must be the seismic impact of id Software's seismic hit, QUAKE, and it's sequel, QUAKE II! Our old buddy Phil Ortego joins us this week to talk about id's other great shooter franchise, and see if these genre classics translate well to the N64. Also, some forbidden words, dueling Carmacks, and plenty of love for Nine Inch Nails. 


This week, we try out the ambitious shooter/strategy hybrid BATTLEZONE: RISE OF THE BLACK DOGS, and discover a series that has stealthily developed a cult following that is still thriving to this day. We discuss the gulf that exists between PC and console gamers, wrestle with some flawed mechanics, and marvel at just what a crazy year 1998 was for games. 

QB Club-01.jpg

Are you ready for some football? We're not sure we are, but we're taking a shot anyway. Josiah Coolidge joins us to talk about four entries in the one-time Madden challenger series NFL QUARTERBACK CLUB. Meanwhile, we get into some of darkest territory yet, as Steve works through his issues with football, Josiah works through his issues with FORTNITE, and Woody works through his lack of issues. 


Strap on your Rumble Pak! It's time to head into deep space of the Lylat System with everyone's 3rd favorite anthropomorphic furry space guardian. It's Star Fox 64! Relive the glory days of doing a barrel roll and receiving VHS tapes in the mail from Nintendo Power magazine. Only on Ultra 64!

Racing 1.jpg

Get ready  for a triple dose of vehicular excitement fired straight into your ear holes! It's Ultra 64's first of many racing roundups! We played  MRC, Penny Racers, and Ridge Racer 64. We also discuss unrelated video game movies, music, and lifelong skills.  Will any of these games cruise past our low expectations? What does MRC really stand for? Why does Woody have to keep playing Penny Racers? Tune in and find out! 


Today on Ultra 64, we explore the N64's contribution to the legacy of the most important puzzle game ever. We play Tetrisphere, Magical Tetris Challenge, and the New Tetris! Learn about the history of Tetris, why Tetrisphere has a super confusing name, how Minnie Mouse makes terrible cookies, and angry rantings hidden in the code of New Tetris. Only on Ultra 64!


Ready your peanuts and Cracker Jacks, because we're going out to the old ball game to revisit the glory days of Seattle sports hero Ken Griffey, Jr. Certified Mariners fan Josiah Coolidge stops by to help the non-sportos get a grasp on the finer points of the game, discuss what it was like to be a fan during the height of Griffey-mania, and play through a couple of surprisingly great baseball games. 


This week, we're doing our best to preserve our fond Nicktoon memories in the face of games so bad, they make us envy Melville the bug (look it up). Lynsey Pennington joins us once again to discuss the history of Klasky Csupo's classic cartoon, fumble through the rules of a maddeningly opaque board game, and question why the hell Rugrats in Paris takes place in Paris at all.


Happy Mother's Day, true believers! Celebrate Mom with an episode about her favorite game: SPIDER-MAN, the lesser-known port of the PlayStation smash! Experience the excitement as Stupendous Steve and Wonderful Woody delve into the sordid history of your friendly neighborhood web-slinger! Thrill as we battle Spidey's old enemies, The Camera and the Cut-Scene Thief! Relive your fondest memories of Shinobi! Excelsior! 


We're SERVING up some fun this week, with a double dose of tennis action: first, the middle-of-the-road sports sim All Star Tennis 99, and then the all-time fan favorite Mario Tennis! Sports desk correspondant Nicole Vettese is brought along for the action, with all the sports trivia and agonizing puns you can endure! It's ACES, guys! ACES! 


This week, we're taking it to the streets for the quaintly antiquated brawler FIGHTING FORCE 64! We delve into the history of beat-em-ups, discuss the STREETS OF RAGE sequel that could have been, and prove that winners actually do sometimes use drugs as Steve struggles to podcast behind some substantial painkillers. 


You voted, and we obliged! For our 25th episode, we played STAR WARS: EPISODE 1 - RACER, perhaps the only redeemable thing to emerge from the monstrous disappointment that was PHANTOM MENACE. We're joined by U64 favorites Jessica Cartwright and Nicole Vettese, who help us discuss movie scenes that would benefit from the RACER treatment, speculate about the cumbersome title, and help determine whether kamizake racing is actually a valid strategy. 


As a classic gaming podcast, we get so few chances to be on the cutting edge of anything, so when the opportunity arises, you know we've gotta jump on it. This week, we played two versions of the arcade classic RAMPAGE (World Tour and Universal Tour), and then, in a bit of a break in format, we take a group trip to the movies to see, and review, the new Dwayne Johnson blockbuster "Rampage!" How does this big-budget tentpole compare to the languid thrills of the original? Tune in to find out! 

Also, we're very excited to announce the winner of our listener contest! You voted, so for our 25th episode, we will be playing: STAR WARS: EPISODE 1 RACER! Thanks to everyone who participated!


Transform and roll out! This week we played the obscure fighting game based on the forgotten spin-off of one of the most bafflingly popular franchises of all time, TRANSFORMERS: BEAST WARS TRANSMETALS. Join us as we power through as much of the game as our nausea will allow, delve into the history of Blockbuster-exclusive video games, and reveal the sordid truth behind craft-based folk musician Jim Crochet.

Also, there's still one week left on our fabulous LISTERNER POLL, and the race is getting really tight. Remember to cast your vote for the game we'll play on our 25th episode by going to! Polls close April 14th, so jump on it!


Happy Easter Fools Day! You'd be forgiven for thinking this week's title is a joke, but I assure you, QUEST 64 is very much real. Join us as we put in some quality time with maybe the least imaginative RPG ever... that is still, by default, one of the best RPGs on the system. 

Also, we are thrilled to announce our new LISTENER'S POLL! You, our loveable listeners, get to choose what game we play for our upcoming 25th episode! We polled Twitter, Facebook, and real life to hear the games you want us to play, and compiled a list of 10 surprisingly diverse games from the back half of our catalogue. Vote today at! Polling stays open until April 14th, and we'll announce the winner on April 15th. Vote today!


This week we played SCOOBY DOO CLASSIC CREEP CAPERS, which pays like a toddler version of Resident Evil. We delve into the rich history of Scooby Doo as a franchise, debate whether anyone actually likes these cartoons, and then a groundbreaking discovery: a lost episode of "Scooby Doo, Where Are You?" that we managed to find through sheer luck and coincidence! 


This week, we try out a hidden gem, the weird fighter/action/RPG hodgepodge HYBRID HEAVEN. Along with HH superfan Jeremy Hatfield, we discuss the odd fighting system, the out-there, heavily Kojima-esque storyline, and parse through the theory that this has secret roots in the Metal Gear Solid universe. 


We're facing down a triple threat of Midway fighting games this week, each one jockeying to steal Mortal Kombat's crown. Will any of them be successful? You probably already know the answer to that. But still, tune in for burly super soldiers, tempting femme fatales, and faux-fatalities a-plenty. Plus, competing movie trailers, awkward acroynms, and nipple pipes. 


It's a golf triple feature this week on Ultra 64! We discuss three games that take to the links, and we're joined once again by Sports Desk Correspondant Nicole Vettese to dig in to all the hot golf action: the glitz, the glamour, the khaki. Could this be the sexiest episode yet? Better believe it, baby. 


It's a family affair this week on Ultra 64, as siblings Rosie and Neal Crow join us to talk about their childhood favorites, Snowboard Kids 1 and 2. The gang discusses the series' quirky blend of kart racer and snowboard stunt game and determine whether these cult classics are worth rediscovering.


Rev up your engines and strap on your machine guns, because this week we're diving into the sordid history of the briefly-popular car combat subgenre. Steve, Woody, and special guest Josiah Coolidge tackle the TWISTED METAL rip-off VIGILANTE 8 and it's sequel, the aptly-named SECOND OFFENSE. Is the genre worth a second coming, or is it better left on the scrap-heap? 


This week, we play the beloved first-person shooter Pokemon Snap, with our delightful special guest Jessica Cartwright. We dive in to the first-ever 3-D Poke-game, and explore the weird and innovative marketing history of the game. You've gotta catch this one! Get it? 


MORTAL KOMBAAAAAAAT!!!! Dun dun dun dun dun-dun dun dun dun dun-dun-dun/ babababababb.... you get it. Now that the theme song to the Mortal Kombat movie is stuck in your head, battle that ear worm with a brand new episode of Ultra 64! This week, we're joined by special guest Scott Burger to talk the storied history of the MK franchise, and later we're joined by special guest Maggie Mae for our first-ever edition of Ultra 64 Reader's Theatre to recreate some of the finest moments from Mortal Kombat 4. 


Man, we couldn't be more excited for this week's episode. We're talking Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1, 2, and 3, and we're talking about it with one of the funniest people on the planet: Betsy Sodaro, who you'll recognize from TV appearances (Disjointed, Bob's Burgers, Superstore), movies (The To-Do List, Monster's University), and more podcasts than you can even count (Horny 4 Horror, Comedy Bang Bang, Improv 4 Humans, Off Book, many, many more). It was such a delight to talk to Betsy, and the games themselves were the best kind of nostalgia trip. Join us!


For those about TUROK: we salute you! This week, we dive into a stone-age classic, Acclaim's TUROK: DINOSAUR HUNTER. We learn about the surprisingly long history of the series, and find out how the series was kind of an underdog story. Enjoy! 


We have three total strike-outs this week, and not in the way they probably hope. We ripped the band-aid on bowling games this week, with three ten-pin titans, BRUNSWICK CIRCUIT PRO BOWLING, MILO'S ASTRO LANES, and SUPER BOWLING. It's a bit of a slog, but at least we have Nicole Vettese, our lovely sports desk correspondent, to share our pain. Subscribe, download, rate, and review, on iTunes, Soundcloud, and now Stitcher! 


Happy New Year! As we barrel forward into the future, the Castlevania franchise makes a noble attempt to do the same, with their first-ever 3-D entries, Castlevania and Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness. We discuss the strange case of the "sequel" released within a year of the original, and debate whether or not these games are actually, you know, good. 

Also, Ultra 64 is now on Stitcher! Be sure to subscribe, download, rate, and review on whatever platform you choose! 


What the world needs now, is Glove, sweet Glove! 

For our final show of 2017, we played the forgotten platform Glover! It's one of my new favorite episodes, so do us a favor and give us a listen, won't you? Happy New Year!


A Merriest of Christmases, one and all! The stockings are hung, the tree is lit, and the space motorcycles are tearing around a devastated planet at fantastic speeds, as is the tradition of the season. Join us as we discuss that most Christmas-y of games, Extreme-G, and it's holiday compatriot, Extreme-G 2. Episodes available to download now!


Is there any finer day of the week than New Episode Day? None springs to mind. 

This week, we are joined by our good friends Lynsey Pennington and Zack Strong to discuss GAUNTLET LEGENDS, a perfectly okay adaptation of the arcade classic. We discuss the relative merits of food, standing on traps, and sewer tentacles, while also commemorating the official completion of the Nintendo 64 collection! Tune in, won't you?


Ice, ice, babies! It's time to get chilly with MORTAL KOMBAT MYTHOLOGIES: SUB-ZERO. This attempt at a platforming/beat-em-up adaptation of the red-hot MK license is a notorious bomb, but is it better than it's reputation suggests? You'll have to tune in to find out. 

But the more important thing to learn from this episode is that our very own Woody Ciskowski is responsible for producing a Mortal Kombat movie that's actually a little better than all existing Mortal Kombat movies! Check it out here, but don't forget to download and listen to the episode for the proper context. 


This week we go for the... well, not Gold, exactly. What do they give you for 15th place? Tin? Sure. This week, we go for the Tin with NAGANO WINTER OLYMPICS 98, a game that captures the... existence of the Winter Games. It was a bit of a slog, but luckily my lovely wife Nicole Vettese was on hand to give us a little Olympic background and help us share the pain. We also briefly touch upon OLYMPIC HOCKEY NAGANO 98, which we'll go into more thoroughly on a later episode, but it's worth noting here just for how blatantly exploitative and lazy it is. Enjoy!


It's time for Episode 4: Banjo-Kazooie! Man, this game is fantastic; it might be the best-looking game on the entire system, and it still plays great (awkward camera aside). Plus, the almost complete lack of backstory for these characters means we can craft all kinds of weird and dark head canon to amuse ourselves. We're joined once again by Rosie Crow, who has emerged unscathed from the Mario Party episode and is ready to dive in to whimsical, bird-and-bear based platforming. 

As mentioned in the episode, here's Nintendo's attempt at an edgy commercial for this game, so get N on this episode, or get out. Nah, just playing, get on N here. 


Episode 3: Mario Party is up and likely triggering stress flashbacks as we speak! We were super happy to be joined by special guests Rosie Crow, Dan Reese, and Nicole Vettese for a four-player smackdown of, dare I say, Biblical proportions. If you've ever known the sublime joy of dominating a match for 20 rounds, only to have your victory snatched away at the last second because someone collected more coins than you, then this episode is for you! Who will come out on top? Tune in now to find out! 

And don't forget to subscribe, rate, and review us on iTunes! It really helps us out and helps get the word out about our show. Thanks guys!


Episode 2 is live! come hear us talk about the forgotten fighters Fighters Destiny and Fighter Destiny 2 (no 's'), which may or may not be the best 3-D fighters on the system. Meet memorable characters like... Ryu, sort of! And the clown guy! And I think there's  female fighter? Maybe two? And Diet Dennis Rodman! And... ok the characters aren't great. But how does the game hold up? You'll just have to tune in to find out!

Space Invaders!

Invaders! possibly from space!

IT'S HAPPENING, PEOPLE! After weeks and weeks of planning, stressing, organizing, occasionally napping, and wrestling with complicated podcast hosting and editing software I can't even begin to understand, our first episode is up on iTunes! Visit here and subscribe, listen, and write a review to get the word out! 

In this first episode, we discuss the general format of the show, give a little history and trivia on the system itself, and finally we discuss our first game, the forgotten arcade reboot SPACE INVADERS. Does it hold up compared to the iconic original? No, of course not, but it makes for a fun episode anyway. And try not to get too excited.